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Hand Knotted Silk Carpet Persian Tabriz Design

Hand Knotted Silk Carpet Persian Tabriz Design, handmade silk carpet
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handmade silk carpet

Hand Knotted Silk Carpet Persian Tabriz Design Hand Knotted Silk Carpet Persian Tabriz Design
The oriental hand knotted carpets were regarded a kind of high grade interior decoration by the European Royals from 16th century. At that time, the oriental hand knotted carpets and Chinese porcelain were regarded the symbol of oriental civilization by westerners. From 19th century, the oriental handmade carpets were gradually entered personal home decoration. It is not only the signals of living taste and culture accomplishment but also the symbol of personal social position and honorable status.

A piece of hand knotted carpet will be finished after dozens of procedures of drawing, spinning, refining, dyeing, warping, hand knotting, cutting, washing, fringeing, finishing in 14 to 18 months. The numerous technologies need the workers have excellent art appreciation, skilled crafts and great patience. At the traditional workshop, a weaver started to study how to make one carpet from 7 or 8 years old and she can master all the carpet crafts till her marriage. For carpet, more hand knots means the designs are more details and the patterns are more grace. The normal silk carpet has about 730,000 knots per square meter, the fine quality carpet has about 4 millions knots per square meter. In our factory, a master piece of very very fine silk carpet took one skilled weaver more than 48 months to finish it, the hand knots is more than 15.5 millions per square meter. This master piece is the finest silk carpet in the world.

The materials of hand made carpet are very particular. Most hand knotted carpets are made of natural silk or natural wool. It has no harmful substance to health. Most precious carpets are made of natural silk. The silk material has long fiber, good elasticity, soft and glossy. As the gloss of silk, it’s very marvellous that the silk carpet has different colors when you see from different direction.

Unique is the art feature of hand knotted carpet. Now in Italy, France, Swizerland and the other countries, the nucleus value of many famous luxuries are traditional handmade. Handmade means scarce and unique. It’s scarce because the skilled worker is limited, these workers are very particular about the materials, crafts, and some procedures need several months or years to finish. It’s unique because each production procedure shows the personal styles of the artist and workman, and all these are not copyed. In order to keep the limited customers, the producer must try their best to make each products better and better. And because of the difference of designer and weaver, there is no exactly same carpet in the world. This character make the kand knotted carpet has collection value naturally. In recently one piece of hand knotted carpet weaved in Kerman area in Persian in 17th century was sold at USD9,590,000 by Christie’s Aution House in London. Till today this price is the highest price at the auction of oriental carpet.
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