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PA impact modifier

PA impact modifier , NG7003
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PA impact modifier PA impact modifier
Product Introduction
It is the grafted TPE elastomer of maleic anhydride .The Elastomer has the caoutchouc elasticity which still has the good tenacity & ductibility even under the low temperature .And grafting offer the polarity to elastomer and make it have better dispersity and compatibility in PA ,so that it can improve the toughness and shock resistance. The PA impact modifier series are widely used in the toughened PA6 ,PA66,reinforced toughened PA6 ,PA66,Flame-retardment reinforced toughened PA6,PA66,etc.
Technical data
Program Unit NG7002 NG7003 NG7003F NG718 NG8002 NG9001
Appearance / White translucent White translucent White translucent White granules White translucent White & light yellow
MFI g/10min 1 1.8 6 3.5 0.2 1
Grafting rate % % 1 1 1 1 1 1.2
* Testing condition: 230ºC/2.16kg
NG7002---Used in the toughened PA and low temperature-resistant PA products, which can highly improve the shock strength for the nylon and the low temperature resistance.
NG7003---- The usage is almost the same as NG7002, it is more economical can NG7002.
NG7003F--- It has the high MFI and it is suitable for reinforced PA with fiberglass and the filler toughened PA ,to improve the tougheness and shock strength of the PA and prevent of the fiberglass exposure and perfect the appearance .The flame retardment PA6,PA66 ,flame retardment reinforced toughened PA6,PA66 with NG7003F can improve their compatibility and improve the material tougheness .please don’t water boil the material.
NG718--- Good combination property and economical efficiency.
NG8002……It is the nylon impact modifier ,it can efficiently improve the shock strength and low temperature of nylon. It also can be used in PA/PP for improving the material polarity.
NG9001-----It is used for the PA ,PPO tougheness and reinforce toughened ,reinforced flame retardment tougheness.It has the good shock strength. It also can be used as the impact compatilizer for PA/PPO .
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  • China
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  • Grafbond
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  • USD 2.78
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  • CIF
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  • 25kgs /seaworthy kraft bag
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  • L/C;T/T;Cash
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  • In 10 days days
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  • 1 tons
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  • SGS,ISO9001:2008
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  • pa impact modifier, pa toughener

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  • Manufacturer
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  • China
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  • 30
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  • 2001
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  • US$30M - US$50M

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  • Shanghai Jianqiao Plastic Co, Ltd
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