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Guangzhou Turandot Hair Extension Tools Company
Guangzhou Turandot Hair Extension Tools Company Preview Staging

copper silicone micro rings

copper silicone micro rings, hair extension tools
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hair extension tools

copper silicone micro rings copper silicone micro rings
We are one of the largest and the leading exporters for hair extension link system in China, OEM for Korea stainless steel clips and offer high quality micro rings.

Clip description
Size: 2.3cm,2.8cm,3.2cm,3.8cm
Type: T type and U type
Material: Korea stainless steel and general steel
Color: black,brown,dark brown,light brown,beige,flesh,etc.
Micro ring description
Aluminium Size: 35*20*25, 36*24*28, 40*27*28, 45*30*28, 50*40*32,etc,any size is available.
Copper Ring Size: 30*24,34*30,28*23,40*36,etc, any size is available.
Type: without screw,with screw, copper with edge,and copper without edge, copper with slit etc.
Material: Aluminium and copper, red copper.
Color: black, brown, dark brown, light brown, beige, flesh, etc.
Other tools:
hair extension iron
hair straighter
loop brush
glue hot pot
glue sticks
hair fusion connector

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GuangZhou Turandot Hair Extension Tools Company

Room3104,B Bld ,No.5 Hua-cheng Rd,Zhu-jiang New Town,Guangzhou,China.
E-mail :
Tel: +86 20 22223165
Fax:+86 20 22223161
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  • 1000pcs/bottle,500pcs/bottle
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  • hair extension tools, copper silicone micro rings, wig clips

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  • Importer/Exporter
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  • China

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  • Guangzhou Turandot Hair Extension Tools Company
  • Country:
  • China
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  • Room 3104, Long-ting Bldg, Nan-tian International Square, No.5 Huacheng Road, Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.
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  • Contact Person:
  • Mr. James Zuo

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