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Ningbo Ekey Ruineng Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
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Ningbo Ekey Ruineng Electric Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company that engages in researching, developing and manufacturing motorcar electron and fitting, digital products,switching power supply and domestic (industrial) electrical controller. We have established close business relationships with a large number of famous companies including Kaz,Honeywell,Jarden,Holmes and GE. We have powerful technical skills with nearly 30 researchers who have enough researching experience and can develop new products quickly. We assume our customers' trust because of the stability and anti-disturbance of our products. We have five advanced SMT production lines and five lead-free wave soldering production lines. We have formed an annual production capacity of five million sets on automotive electronics, industrial controllers and home appliances series of micro-controllers. We also have advanced detection equipments for both raw materials and finished products, including crystal characteristic curve equipment, LCR tester, the high voltage analyzer, Micro Resistance Tester, ICT on line tester, oscilloscope and SYSTEM ONE audio analyzer equipment. We execute the advanced international technology standard (EU WEEE), which complies with the "Green E" certification. We boost completely "Tom", "TPM", "IE", "MRPII" and other modern management techniques and have gotten across the various quality certifications at home and abroad, such as ISO9002, EMC and CE. We have established a customer-centered and continuous improving quality guarantee system. We control all stages of our production processes, from product designing, material purchasing, manufacturing, producing processes to after sales service, to ensure providing our customer sustained, stable and high quality products and services.As a poineer in technology,our company carries the latest RFID technology and products,which allows us to provide different business sectors withour professional RFID products and service.

In today's new era of knowledge economy and economic globalization, Ruineng people use the sprint of “exploiting, innovating, pragmatic, enterprising” and the style of "reach quickly, act immediately” to create a first-class enterprise. Ruineng technology adheres to the business philosophy of "people-centered, science- and technology-based", and attracts talents on technology, business and management. Ruineng strives to become a high-tech company that can develop independently and has entirely self-owned intellectual property rights.

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  • China

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  • Ningbo Ekey Ruineng Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • China
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  • No.88 Changyang Road, District C Of Jiangbei Industrial Park, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
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