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Hand Held Explosive Detector E3500

Hand Held Explosive Detector E3500
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Hand Held Explosive Detector E3500 Hand Held Explosive Detector E3500
Type: Handheld/Portable
Principal ofd etection: Chemilumine scence Detection (Noradio active source used) Vapourand Particle Trace detection
Detectable substances: Capable of detecting most military and commercial explosives, and ICAO Taggants, and various peroxide based explosives
Explosives type: Capable of detecting all types of Nitro based explosives, such as TNT, Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, RDX, C-4, Nitroglycerine, EGDN, DMNB, Plastic Explosives, and ICAO Taggants, TATP, HMDX and various peroxide explosives
Field programmable: E3500 is field programmable by train edoperatorf or changing parameters of sensitivity, responsetime, sample in take time,back ground level setcfrom thekeypad
Display/ Identification: Red light LED and Audible alarm in when concentration % of NO2 or peroxideis detected above parametersettings
FalseAlarm: Less than 1% under ideal conditions and proper operator usage
Response time:Sample in taketime: 5~30seconds(Userselectable)
Analysis or response time:16seconds
Sampling capability: Vapour and Particle mode
Alarm mode: Visual and Audio
Calibration: Auto matic base line adjustment and user Verification required
Fault Identification: Error Message when unitr equires service, luminolcellor battery
Output/ message display: Front panel display of LED indicator lights, LCD message display, audio alarm
Datastoragecapability:896 retrieval data viaserialor wire less outputs
Remote communication: Serial output portto PC for remote control & monitor
Controls: Power switch, keypad, volume knob and sample button
Powersupply:12V DCNicad rechargeable battery Cartridges(x2)
Options: 12V DCExternal battery pack,AC/DC power adapter, caradapter
Battery life/duration:Cartridge: 3-4 hours continuous operation
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  • Canada
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  • one set per carton
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  • L/C;T/T
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  • 45-60 days
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  • 1 pc
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  • explosive trace detector, hand held explosive detector, portable explosive detector

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