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Ir Touch Frame

Ir Touch Frame, FIT-TSI32B
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Ir Touch Frame Ir Touch Frame
1. 11mmx35mm,any sizes from 32 to 120inch can be customized.
2. 300 dots/ second super speed: to experience the very soomth writing feeling.
3. Anti-light decay circuit design to ensure long-playing stability.
4. Anti-glare, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static design, to ensure working stability under each of environment.
5. Support multi-touch under Windows 7.
6. Provide free universal hang parts, can be equipped with any TV or other machines.
7. Detachable design for save the transport cost.


Infrared touchscreen

-A series
-B series
All-in-one touch monitor

-D series (55inch)
-E series (55-70inch)
Interactive whiteboard

-C series 81inch(4:3)
-C series 92inch(4:3)
-C series 99inch(16:9)

Coming soon

Optical (CCD )touchscreen
Optical (CCD ) Interactive whiteboard
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