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Rf Card Lock

Rf Card Lock , zg-hl008
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Rf Card Lock Rf Card Lock
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1. Fashion shape design by Chinese and foreign master, have the safe tongue to prevent from prying open the locked door ,and, can be back locking. New die-casting alloy panels, using the latest space technology applications – Nano-technology (PVD) surface treatment, Have strong adhesion, not fade , hard oxidized, and other advantages.
2. High reliability: high-performance motor drive lock, stability. PC motherboard anti-jamming design, and powerful error correction function, ensure the circuit perform stability and correctly. The lock can work normally even insert the card quickly, frequently or bump cards (including illegal card or business card, etc.), the circuit will not be destroyed Or information-processing disorder. Innovate (INV) circuit card locks with non-dusty and moisture-proof process in the clean rooms., that resolve the problem of electronic components inside the circuit board oxidation or corrosion when temperature changes .
The multi-level card key follow the roles and have clear function, According to the management and needs, each hotel should set its emergency card , total control card, building card, floor card, group card , guests card.

1 Emergency Card: In general, emergency card usually hold by the security department, this card can open all the locks in the same system, a door will state a long open with this card opening. (the long state will abolish with ordinary card opening), emergency card have no time or back locking limitation. .
2. Total Control Card: generally equipped with the manager. can open all the locks in the same system .this card have no problem of time restrictions ,but it can not open the door if back locking .
3. F-controlled card: can open all the doors of one building without back locking in a specified time period, generally equipped with the manager.
4. Floor card: can open all the doors of one floor without back locking in a specified time period, generally equipped with the service.
5. Group control card: the card can open a group or several groups of lock in specified period without back locking, so that cleaner can open the corresponding floors hotel rooms., and do some cleaning in the specify time .
6. Guests card: guests can open their own rooms in the effective period of time
7. Mechanical back-up key: emergency open, make management more peace of mind.

Power: DC 6V, 4 batteries , 5 # (AA).
voltage direct: It will promptly report the police when CPU voltage lower than 4.5V, at this time the card can open the door for about 100 times.
open time : pressed handle , the door open ,then lock automatically back locking; if the card did not open the door, the lock will automatically back locking in 7 seconds.
Static power consumption: 12uA.
Dynamic power consumption: 200mA.
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  • China
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  • Zhiguan
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  • accessories and box.
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  • 90 days
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  • rf card lock, hotel locks, door locks

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