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Silver Nanowires Aw030

Silver Nanowires Aw030, Silver Nanowires
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Silver Nanowires

Silver Nanowires Aw030 Silver Nanowires Aw030
Model: AW030
Color: tawny or gray, decided by the specific size of silver nanowires.
Dispersion: It was dispersed in IPA, Ethyl alcohol, Water or Customer specified .
Average size: Ave. Diameter D=35~55 nm, Ave. Length L=5~15 um
Purity (%): 99.96
Nanomaterial shows dramatically different properties from bulk materials, for its size effect, quantum effect and surface effect. Besides excellent electrical c onductivity, ductility and tensile properties which traditional silver materials have, Silver nanowires exhibits a series of electrical and optical characteristics different from bulk silver materials because of its unique nanoscale effect. It can be used in a variety of electronic products as additive to enhance the performance of materials. Generally, we offer silver nanowires product by water-soluble solvent.

KECHUANG (SINO-AMERICA joint venture) is a leading supplier of nanotechnology-based materials, with its production center in Hangzhou Hi-Tech Zone in China and technical center in the United States. Kechuang develops an economic, large-scale process to synthesize silver nanowires which can be used in the transparent electrode to replace the ITO, with well controlled dimensions and morphologies. Kechuang can manufacture the silver nanowires with thinner diameter (60nm), longer wire length (200um), and more purity (99.96%). Nano-based electrical materials have been developed, including nano-silver conductive ink, electrically and thermally conductive adhesives etc. Its products have been used by Apple, SONY, Infineon, Whirlpool and HP etc...
Kechuang is a famous advanced materials supplier. In the field of silver-nano technology, Kechuang is the pioneer in materials processing and applications, with five Chinese patents and two U.S. patents. Our company has a strong R&D team, with over 80% of its employees having Master degrees or above. We look forward to working with our customers globally to develop the next generation materials on nanotechnology frontiers.
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