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Used Cooking Oil

Used Cooking Oil
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Used Cooking Oil Used Cooking Oil
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Free fatty acids----------------------3%-5%
Saponification value-------------------185-190
Lodine value--------------------------120
Titre C -----------------------------13.75''C
Specific Gravity@ 25' C--------------------0.0916
Contamination (mg/kg) ------------------23
Density (kg/m3) --------------------------920-925
Calorific Value (g/100g) ----------------115
Phosphorus Content--------------------17

1. Filtering and reclaiming waste cooking oil, dirty vegetable oil, drainage oil, swill oil and animal oil etc.
2. Widely used in food processing industry and waste oil collection industry.
3. Different machine body for different oil usages.
4. Stainless steel filter: Anti-corrosion

Detailed Information
1. TPF Used Cooking Oil Purification and Oil Reclamation Machine is special for filtering waste cooking oil, dirty vegetable oil, drainage oil, swill oil and animal oil etc., it effectively and completely removes particles, odor, water, acid and alcohol etc. From waste oil. The treated oil is clean, limpidity, and good smell.
2. TPF is a good purification machine for fried food factory, oil restaurant, cooking oil factory, vegetable oil factory, and waste oil collecting store.
3. According to the treated oil usages, we can choose different machine body. For edible usage, we suggest choosing stainless steel body; For industrial, we suggest choosing steel carbon body. According to different working place, we recommend Skid type and mobile type (Trailer with pneumatic tire).
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