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Machine Vision Lighting & Light Controller

Machine Vision Lighting & Light Controller
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Machine Vision Lighting & Light Controller Machine Vision Lighting & Light Controller
Ring lights have the features of high intensity in the centre illumination area and no shadow. Different ring lights can be selected based on the illumination angel and colour according to the requirements of inspecting products.

Bar lights are suitable for the visual inspection and dimension measurement of the objects with a wide range of square structure. Bar lights have the features of flexible adjustment of illumination height, illumination area, and illumination angle. Different bar lights are available for different requirements.

Bar lights unit is surrounded by four independent bar lights on each side above the objects, which can be adjusted according to the requirements of the detecting objects in line with the lighting angle and intensity to get the best illumination. Compared with ring lights, bar lights unit is more suitable for testing ring-shape and square-shape products with asymmetric inspection requirements.

Line light is to focus the light through cylindrical lens with high intensity, is the light especially for array camera, and is dedicated for continuous inspection of assembly line in printing and textile industry.

Dome lights with the unique reflection structure can achieve uniformity spread illumination, which makes the intensity of the whole image is uniformity. Dome lights are suitable for detection of curve surface, uneven surface and the products with strong reflection.

Flat light with high-density LED array can achieve equality and high intensity illumination. When detecting the products, flat lights can highlight the high clarity shape with the high-intensity background, which are suitable for visual inspection.

Flat ring lights achieve no shadow through diffusion plate of special structure to change LED illumination, which have small reflection, uniform illumination, and compact structure. These rights are suitable for product inspection with large area, strong reflection and high uniformity requirements.

Coaxial parallel lights adopt special optical lens group to achieve illuminating the product surface vertically and uniformly; therefore clearly highlight bump defects on the flat surface. These lights are applicable for the scratch inspection on metal, glass, film and chip surface.

Coaxial lights use spectroscope, for which LED light through translucent mirror becomes light coaxial with the lens, the theory is to use special material to inhibit the reflection of the semi-permeable mirror to eliminate image ghosting; therefore to improve image clarity.

Spot lights use unique focus design to have bright and uniformity illumination. Spot lights work with telecentric lens as coaxial lights, and spot lights are applied in chips inspection, positioning the mark point, and calibrating the liquid crystal glass.

AOI is the dedicated light for SMT with the combination of R, G and B three colors and the theory is to extract 3D information of objects with 2D colours. It is used for after-oven inspection in SMT printing industry.

Analog Power Voltage (APV) series analog controller is the machine vision controller through constant voltage control with step-less intensity adjustment. It has the short circuit protection and external trigger control. The output of each channel is adjustable independently to have continuous intensity through adjusting knob on the panel.

Digital Power Voltage (DPV) series controller adopts the constant voltage control, and has the features of external trigger control, short circuit protection and power-down saving. DPV controller enables controlling the light intensity in 256 steps through either remote control or panel setting.

Strobe Power Voltage (SPV) controllers enable light control through strobe lighting to improve the output voltage, which greatly improve the intensity, thus industrial camera obtains high quality image within a short exposure time between 50us-1ms. It is suitable for high-speed inspection of dynamic objects.
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