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Bar Screen Basket(I)

Bar Screen Basket(I)
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Bar Screen Basket(I) Bar Screen Basket(I)
1.Increase the open area, save the energy consumption and save the operating cost.
2.Good in Screen bar's arrangement in order to increase the efficiency of the treatment in a certain stock pulp level and increase the speed of stock pulp through the screen basket.
3.An unique profile, it can be applied in a high consistency of screening equipment, prevent some clogging/pulp in a very wide range of operating consistency and minimize the dilution water consumption.
4.Especially for high quality of paper product, at the same time can remove the contaminants effectively, such as spot, sticky, hot melt, etc and can improve the paper machine running efficiency and quality.
5.Special structural design and surface treatment can extend the lifetime of screen basket, of course, reduce the procurement cost.

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