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Microwave Motion Sensor

Microwave Motion Sensor, HFS-580CNE
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Microwave Motion Sensor Microwave Motion Sensor
1. Innovative design: We spend a lot of energy and time on developing and optimizing this product, to ensure that it meet the needs of different customers and comfortable user experience.
2. High sensitivity: This product can detect the slightest movement, such as lifting arm, truning round, stoop, and so on. In addition, unlike infrared sensor, the microwave sensor have no directional characteristics. Movement on any direction cen be detected.
3. High environmental adaptability: The microwave motion sensor has high reliability, it's detection range is less affected by temperature, wind, airflow, sound, light, fog, smoke, dust, etc.
4. Invisible: Since the detection is not affected by the obstacles, such as glass, wooded board, and so on, it can be built inside other electronical appliances, such as lighting fixtures.
5. Intelligent: Using ATMEL microprocessor programing, the sensitivity of microwave sensor can be intelligently adjusted according to the installation environmental.
6. Long life: Using zero crossing triggered technology effectively extends product's lift.
7. For residential and commercial: High quality components and well-designed circuit ensure the sensor to be used in various places, such as living room, toilets, hallway, corridor, storage room, underground parking, workshop, office, etc.

1. Rated voltage: 230VAC ±10% 50/60Hz
2. Maximum loading: a) incandescent lamp 1000W
b) halogen lamp 500W
c) fluorescent lamp 400VA / cosß=0.5; 160W / 20µF
d) energy saving lamp 200W (CFL&PL)
e) LED lamp 200W
3. Microwave frequency: 5.8GHz ± 75MHz CW Radar, ISM Band
4. Transmitter power: <0.2mW
5. Standby power: approx. 0.6W
6. Detecting range: 360 degrees
7. Detecting distance: from Ø4m to Ø10m
8. Time delay: 1~30 minutes with test mode
9. Ambient control: 10~2000Lux
10.Warm time: 30 seconds
11.Manual override: manual OFF/ON power switch twice within 2 seconds, and automatically turn OFF after 4 hours
12.Working temp. 0~+60°C
13.Storage temp. -20~+80°C, 10~95% RH
14.Installation: ceiling mounting
15.Unit dimension: 80x47x38.5mm
16.Housing material: PC
17.Packing: color box + master cartoon
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  • China
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  • Strong
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  • color box
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  • L/C;T/T;Cash
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  • CE
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  • microwave sensor, motion sensor, motion detector

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