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Cip Tank

Cip Tank, CIP tank
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CIP tank

Cip Tank Cip Tank
These tanks are used for sterilizing the tanks of the beer equipments , beverage equipments , wine equipment etc. They are made from stainless steel , and they can be moved expediently.

Hotel beer brewing equipment is a good choice for ginshop, barbecue, restaurant, who brew beer for the customer at scene. The luxury shape, small space demanded, no only has the ornamental value, but also can show the whole process of the brewering to the customer, let them learn the deep cultural connotation of beer.
The characteristics of this equipment are: fabrication at scene, maintain the freshness and nutrition maximum. Rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, 8 essential amino acids to human but can not synthesized by ourselves, and more than 11 kinds of vitamins, especially B vitamins that rare in other foods; Besides, brewer can also brew red beer, yellow beer, fruit beer, black beer, to meet different taste and level of customer.
Since the early 1990 s, our engineers have developed the CG series hotel beer equipment, the output is from 100L to 2000L. A total of four series, more than 20 specifications. The CG series equipments are always achieved advanced level in the world. In April, 2004, we began to put the five generation PLC touch-screen control system to the market. Its stable capability, simple operation, highly improved the control capacity, not only ensure the excellent quality of the beer and pure taste, but also saved the unnecessary management cost. At present, we have developed the six generation long-distance control system. This system uses the internet web to remote control break the time and space constraints, anytime, anywhere provide you the most safe, stabile service though technical support, eventually realized the seamless service.
At present, this kind of equipment is widespread in most of the cities of China as the excellent quality, reasonable price, value-added services. So that the common people of China can enjoyed pure whole wheat beer from Germany.
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