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New Type Vertical Rise And Fall Electrophoresis Line(patent)

New Type Vertical Rise And Fall Electrophoresis Line(patent), JFX-EP001
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New Type Vertical Rise And Fall Electrophoresis Line(patent) New Type Vertical Rise And Fall Electrophoresis Line(patent)
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Product Name: New Type Vertical Rise And Fall Electrophoresis Line(Patent)
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Ultrasonic Oil Removing (Coarse Washing) -> Ultrasonic Oil Removing (Refined Washing) ->
Sprayed Water Washing -> Soaked Water Washing -> Involucra (phosphating) ->
Sprayed Water Washing -> Soaked Water Washing -> Ultrasonic Pure Water washing ->
Soaked Pure Water Washing -> ED (Electrophoresis) -> Circular Super-Filtering Recycling ->
Overfall Recycling -> Pure Water Spraying -> Pure Water Soaking -> Enter Oven.
1) The appearance is innovative in design, simple and good looking.
2) The full automatic design saves manpower. (The equipment needs only one operator.)
3) Shorten the time for electrophoresis products and improve the quality of electrophoresis products.
4) The performance and price ratio is high, it's economical and practical.

The equipment is the present latest electrophoresis processing equipment in the country, and has obtained the patent certificate issued by the State Patent Bureau.
Patent Number : 2010101402348, 2010201512485.

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Electrophoretic Coting Contains: Degreasing,Pure water rinsing,Cooling, drying, UF, Phosphating,
Electrophoresis coating is a specific method of forming coating film, and only suitable for water paints specially used for electrophoresis coating. It is one of the most widespread methods of priming for automobile coating for the past thirty years.

Electrophoresis coating is a coating method of dipping a conductive coated substance into a tank filled with water-diluted and low concentration electrophoresis paint as anode (or cathode), setting up a corresponding cathode (or anode) in the tank, passing through DC current for some time between the two electrodes and finally isolating homogeneous and water soluble coating film on the coated substance.

The electrophoresis coating method demonstrates the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, economical application. It grew initial from the automobile industry, expanding to other fields of architectural materials, light industry, household appliances and the like.

Electrophoresis coating equipment is composed of a transportation component, electrophoresis tank and auxiliary equipment, stirring & filtration circulatory system, ultra-filtration settings, stirring & feeding device, a DC power supply and adjunctive electrical equipment, a flushing device for post-electrophoresis, a thermostat for the paint liquid, an electrode device, a drying room and so forth.

Electrophoresis coating equipment is a complicated system, the investment being large and technological requirement is very high. If the design or electrotype of the electrophoresis coating line is unstable or its manufacturing quality lower than expected, quality problems arise which are not solvable by means of management intervention. For this reason, our company recommends that customers employ only experienced companies to complete the entire installation project of electrophoresis coating product line.
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