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Md 650 Uv Coating Machine

Md 650 Uv Coating Machine
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Md 650 Uv Coating Machine Md 650 Uv Coating Machine
650 UV coating machine
Model Number:MD650
650 uv coating machine is a kind of uv machine fitted for medium mini lab.
The uv machine has the function of supplementing the liquid automatically and circly.
And this design will not lead to any waste of uv liquid. And the uv lights has been avoided from
the eyes, making the working environment more pleasant able.
650 uv coating machine can be divided into two parts: forwarder and back warder.
The forwarder is responsible for the coating while the back warder is responsible for the curing.
Main characteristics:
The coating speed is fast, about 200-400sqm/h
The machine is free of cleaning, and can supplementing the uv liquid automatically
The max. coating width is 24’
The device of powering off automatically when the temperature is too high, the operation is safe
The drying speed is very fast
The coat is low about 0.2-1yuan, and the thickness of uv can be changeable.
The pattern is dedicated and easy to operate
The finished product can be of high rigidity and high glossy
The chain wheel on the equipment can realize operating at different locations.
The conveyor belt is of high quality
Using superior lamp, lamp room which exert heat forfully to prolong the life span by the heat
The surface of the equipment have been dealt with painting, which make the equipment
beautiful and erode-resistance
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  • China
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  • 2003
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