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Aircraft Blade Antenna

Aircraft Blade Antenna , S37B101-C2
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Aircraft Blade Antenna Aircraft Blade Antenna
S37B101-C2 is a vertically polarized V/UHF broadband blade antenna, designed for omni-directional transmission and reception in the frequency band of 30-525 MHz.

Electrical design consists of broadband matching circuits coupled to a single co-axial connector to provide VHF and UHF electrical characteristics. The antenna comprises of a fiber glass vacuum moulded aerodynamic shell in single-piece, designed for a rugged and reliable structure providing environmental and mechanical integrity to fulfill military, regulatory and statutory standards. S37B101-C2 is suitable for various communication application on supersonic and subsonic aerodynes with fixed wing or rotor wing.
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  • aircraft blade antenna, airborne military antenna, uav antenna

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  • 2011
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