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Nephsystem Technologies

NephSystem Technologies 2.45GHz Ultra-Rugged Active RFID Reader

NephSystem Technologies 2.45GHz Ultra-Rugged Active RFID Reader, NSAR-800
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NephSystem Technologies 2.45GHz Ultra-Rugged Active RFID Reader NephSystem Technologies 2.45GHz Ultra-Rugged Active RFID Reader
NephSystem Technologies's NSAR-800 IP67 rated Ultra Rugged and ultra-long range active RFID reader operates in global and open radio frequency band of 2.45GHz which is the most widely accepted and adopted frequency worldwide. The NSAR-800 reader detects and decodes RFID (radio frequency identification) signals from Nephsystem's NSAT series of active RFID tags. It can operate in very rugged conditions at ultra long ranges. The data from detected tags is sent by the NSAR-800 via its built-in Ethernet or RS232 port to remote computing systems. The tag data and related reader status information is able to be fed into the end-user application running on the controller sides to enable complete management of all tagged objects in precise, accurate and real-time modes.

NSAR-800 uses a built in Omni-directional antenna allowing it to identify NephSystem's NSAT series of regular active tags up to 180 meters (600 feet). The reading range of the reader can also be adjusted by software to ensure reliable identification. With NephSystem's heavy duty active tags (NSAT-704), the reading distance could be up to 1500 meters (4900 feet) in an outdoor environment. With its ultra-rugged/compact design and the fast tag identification capability, NSAR-800 is ideally suited for use in systems that track assets such as plant, machinery, high value assets, shop floor, manufacturing, hospitals, schools, warehouse management or for monitoring personnel in health and safety or security applications. NSAR-800 is also ideal for deployment in a wide variety of outdoor applications, such as Vehicle/Train Tracking, Parking Management, Toll, etc.

NSAR-800 also has built-in and software controllable dry-contact relay channels and software controllable buzzer available, capable of controlling other peripherals such as gates, sirens, garage doors, production line, etc. NSAR-800 main features of ultra-rugged, water-proof and low cost capabilities make it easy to be expanded for most of rugged applications and NSAR-800 reader is one of the toughest RFID devices on the market.

Main Features for NSAR-800 active RFID reader:

Ultra-Rugged and seamless design
Super long reading distance
Gain adjustable through software
Built-in antenna design, no additional/external antenna required
Software controllable digital I/O
Built-in Ethernet and RS232 interfaces (WiFi or Wiegand interfaces are optional)
High speed data throughput
Water/Dust proof, reference to relevant military standards
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  • Canada
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  • NephSystem
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  • rfid

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  • Manufacturer
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  • Canada
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  • 98
  • Established Year:
  • 2001
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  • US$1M - US$5M

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  • Nephsystem Technologies
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  • Canada
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  • B-1285 56th Street
    Delta, Bc Canada V4l 2a6
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