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HY80 air jet loom

HY80 air jet loom
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HY80 air jet loom HY80 air jet loom
HY 80 air jet weaving machine has made detailed improvements on high-speed adaptability, products compatibility, operation ability, energy conservation, safety and the like so as to help customers deal with the increasingly competitive market environment.
Reed Space (cm) 190 210 230 280 340 360 390
A 1900 2100 2300 2800 3400 3600 3900
B 2540 2740 2940 3440 4040 4240 4540
W 4355 4555 4755 5255 5855 6055 6355
Please keenly note that the provided airjet loom may be slightly different from the sample due to different customers configurations or design revisions.

Items Specifications Options
Reed Space (cm)Nominal Reed Space 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 280, 340,360
Useful Reed Space 0~60cm(150~250cm) Nominal Reed Width -0~60cm(150~250cm) 0~80cm(280cm)Nominal Width-0~80cm(above 280cm)
Weaving Range Short Yarn:Ne100—Ne5
Long Silk:30D—600D
Weft Selecting 2, 4 or 6 Jetting-Selection
Power Starting Way Super Starter Motor
Directly control and position stop through electromagnetic brake
Slowly start by frequency converter (clockwise/anticlockwise)
Operate in both hands through buttons and switches
Rated Power of Motor 2.7kw,3.0kw,3.7kw,5.5kw(Jacquard Shedding)
Weft Insertion Main Nozzle, Assistant Main Nozzles together with assistant nozzles Extended Nozzles
Abnormal Reed
Auto-control of Weft Insertion
Length Measuring Weft Feeder Electrically-Controlled Weft Feeder ABS Weft Insertion Brake
Shedding Crank Shedding: 4 or 6 Heald Frames
Negative Cam Shedding: Max. 8 Heald Frames
Positive Cam Shedding: Max.8 Heald Frames
Electronic Dobby Shedding: Max. 16 Heald Frames
Jacquard Shedding
Let-off Double Back Rest Electrically-Controlled Let-off(Single Beam) Double Wrap Beams
Negative Loose Warp or Positive Loose Warp
Flanges Diameter 800mm, 914mm, 1000mm
Take-up Electronic Take-up
Max. Take-up Diameter 600mm(Cam, Dobby, Jacquard Shedding)520mm(Crank Shedding)
Weft Density 14-300 pieces/inch
Cloth Length Keyboard display (Meter, Yard) with the function of length-control and stop
Temple In-head Underneath
Beating-up The beating-up mechanism with crank multi-reed holders
4-bar Linkage Beating-up, 6-bar Linkage Beating-up
Weft Frame Floor 4 Cheeses (2 Jetting Selection), Floor 8 Cheeses (4 Jetting Selection), Floor 10 Cheeses (6 Jetting Selection)
Leno Planetary selvage device Midspit Width Leno
Waste Selvedge Trimming Waste Selvedge takes up 3 rollers
Cutting Mechanical Scissors
Lubrication Main transmission parts are lubricated by oil bath and manually-centralized oil-supply Automatically centralized oil-supply
Stop Device Weft Stop Photoelectric Weft Feeler with double detect heads.
Warp Stop 6-line Warp Stop Sheet
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  • 1998
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