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Carbide Cutting Machine - Pintail Machinery

Carbide Cutting Machine - Pintail Machinery, 2N16K
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Carbide Cutting Machine - Pintail Machinery Carbide Cutting Machine - Pintail Machinery
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Product DescriptionPintail provide the best quality Carbide Cutting Machine (Parting Carbide Machine) for our customer. Our carbide cutting machine are sold sold throughout U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe and South East Asia and so on.

Carbide Cutting Machine

•High precision work spindle with matching Swiss super high rigidity chuck and SCHAUBLIN collet adaptor and, if driven by a servo motor, can adjust the concentricity of the chuck.
•Machine equipped with probe gauge, which can be used to adjust the effective.

•Outstanding equipments for blank preparation plunge grinding in the industry.
•High Efficiency & Heavy Grinding
•The feed speed is 0.02mm/0.2sec
•Shorten the time for machining.

Standard Accessories:
1. Arbor(∮31.75)*1
2. Collet∮4. *1
3. Collet∮6.*1
4. Tool Box and Accessories*1
5. Work Lamp*1
6. Coolan System(Standard)*1
7. Full Cover
8. Probe Gauge

Special Accessories:
1. Collet∮3.∮8.∮10.∮12.∮16.∮20.
2. Mist Filter

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