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Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil

Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, 001
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Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil
Plan part Used:Seed(Dride,100%Natural)

Appearance: Reddish Brown, Clear Oil

Raw Material:The raw material are collected from our cooperation plantation base. Due to standardized growing, collecting, screening and processing, our material is high quality, absolutely safe for people.

Production Process:Produced by the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction-Separation Technology--whole production process is at lower than 35C and only 99.9% food grade carbon dioxide is used as solvent without solvent residual; no chemical changes and decomposition during production.

Characteristics:In addition to containing more than 85 percent of high-unsaturated fatty acids, the product is rich in many active andnutritional ingredients, such as Vitamin E, vitamin A, Vitamin B; α-tocopherol,β-carotene, phytosterol, etc.; Elegant and delicate fragrance; Insoluble in water, miscible with fatty oils and fat-soluble organic solvents; Since it is xtracted at room temperature in carbon dioxide, content of active ingredients is higher more than 100% than products from other extract method (such as expression); lower lower Acid Value, lower POV, higher stability ; Higher safety and the best quality.

Main Constituent:Fatty acids : Palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, peanut acid ; Vitamin E, vitamin A, Vitamin B; α-tocopherol,β-carotene, phytosterol, etc.

Applications:It is widely used in following area:
 Health food
 Pharmaceutical material
 Personal care products
 multiple antioxidants
  • Place of Origin:
  • China
  • Price Terms:
  • FOB Guangzhou
  • Packing:
  • Packed in HDPE drum or steel drum (N.W.: 5Kg, 10KG, 25KG,) with nitrogen gas protection
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  • seabuckthorn, plant extract, oil

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  • Importer/Exporter
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  • China
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  • The Worldwide Manufacturers And Distrebutors Of Medicine & Pharmaceutical, Health Foods, Functional Beverage, Personal Care Ingredients And Cosmetics

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  • Guangzhou Herbs-ex Co., Ltd
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  • China
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  • Rm 2103-2104, Yanqiao Mansion, 89 Yanling Road, Guangzhou
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  • Longyan Deng

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