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Magnetic Stripe Reader-msrv009 Oem

Magnetic Stripe Reader-msrv009 Oem, magnetic stripe reader
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magnetic stripe reader

Magnetic Stripe Reader-msrv009 Oem Magnetic Stripe Reader-msrv009 Oem
one of world's smallest magnetic stripe readers with interrupted swiping support
MSRv009 is a battery powered, portable, encrypted, 3 Track, Magnetic Stripe Reader. It has been designed for magnetic stripe data collection, anytime, anywhere, without a computer.
Large memory can collect up to 32000 cards and each swipe is timestamped up to milliseconds.
The data is read even when the swipe has not been performed correctly or completely with the integrated interrupted swiping technology.


3 track reader
Reads interrupted swipes in both directions
Ultra-compact design
Smallest size available in the industry today
High noise immunity
High performance decoding
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Fully encrypted
Stores up to 32000 cards
Ultra low power consumption
Low voltage operation
Every swipe is timestamped
Reads all magnetic cards
Industrial operation range
USB Interface
Easy to use
Package contents
MSRv009 reader
Plastic rail with integrated 3 track head (11.8x11x5mm)
USB data cable
USB charger cable
Battery and connectors
User manual
CDROM disk with drivers, CRFSuite and user manual


Attendance (Student ID, Membership card, Conference, Meetings, Employees)
Racing events
Payment systems (Merchants, Online payments)
Law enforcement (DMV card)
Locking Systems (Access cards)
Age verification system (Pubs, Clubs, etc)


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  • 2008

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