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Tsb06 50w X5 Super Slim Can-bus Hid Ballast

Tsb06 50w X5 Super Slim Can-bus Hid Ballast, TSB06
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Tsb06 50w X5 Super Slim Can-bus Hid Ballast Tsb06 50w X5 Super Slim Can-bus Hid Ballast
Technical Parameter:
Rated input voltage: DC13.2V (9-16V DC)
Input start-up current: 10A
Stable input current: 4.2A (Input 13.2V DC)
Rated output power: 50W±1W
Output frequency: 250± 10% Hz
Rated output voltage: 85V AC
Instant start-up voltage: ≥23 KV AC
Output open short protection: Automatically stop working within 2S while open circuited
Output open circuit protection: Started-up continuously, power supply works normal
Rated working efficiency: ≥88%
Warning Canceller built-in (9-16V)
Non-stop start up: Normal working
Life-span: ≥ 3200hours
Standard work temperature: -40℃~+105℃
Water-proof, anti-vibration and salt-fog test: Normal working
Size: 95x65x15mm
Weigh: 0.35KG

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  • China
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  • USD 36
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  • FOB Guangzhou
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  • normal paper box
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  • L/C;T/T;Cash;D/P
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  • 1-3 days
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  • 100 pairs
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  • digital ballast, hid xenon kit, hid conversion kit

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  • 2005

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