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Matting Agent

Matting Agent , M-20
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Matting Agent Matting Agent
Matting agent M-20
M-20 is a kind of chemical matting agent without wax, which mainly suitable for polyester / epoxy hybrid powder coating system. The characteristic of M-20 is to offer the good mechanical property, excellent leveling property, perfect anti-yellowing property and the clear coating effect in the power coating. At the same time, the powder coating made of the M-20 has excellent storage stability.
1. Technical Parameters
★Appearance: white or light yellow powder
★Bulk density :450-550 g / l
★Solid Content : 99%

2.Product application and performance
★M-20 needs to consume epoxy resin. The mass ratio of M-20 and epoxy resin is about 1:2.3, it is pre-mixed with other materials when you use it, it can be squeezed directly.
★The powder paints and coatings made from the M-20 is smooth and never getting yellow
★It is suitable for wide range of polyester, It can match the most of the matching polyester and has a good matting effect.
★You can choose to add suitable accelerator / catalyst to improve impact performance, but it may cause the rise of coating surface gloss and the reduce of the leveling performance.
★The powder coating made of the M-20 has a long gel time ,so it has an excellent storage stability and perfect repeated extrusion performance.
★Recommended extrusion temperature: I District 95 ℃, II District 110 ℃; recommended curing condition: 200 ℃ * 12min or 190 ℃ * 15min.
★Heavy metal contents in the product conforms to the requirment of EU Rohs standard.

3.Recommended usage
The usage of M-20 is 1-5% of the total amount for powder coating formulations, it suitable for 5%@60 degrees above gloss, The more of the usage, the gloss will be lower.

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