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Injection Molding

Injection Molding
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Injection Molding Injection Molding
Aco Mold suggest to test your injection mold ad some representative and make a trial and check the performance with classic one. I would propose to leave accumulators because are not very economic (pump works all the time). I would propose to focus on hybrid hydraulic/servo electric, because you always need hydraulic core pulls or you use pneumatic or electro driven core pull. For your requirement on cable ties, the good reability for the injection molding take care to select a machine with big size plates (around 300 ton or bigger) and the injection unit no bigger than the 40% of the total injection weight (the good rate for Nylon 6.6 is between 40 up to 70% of the machine injection capacity). Sometime is better to select one customized machine to get very good reliability for the molding parts. Also for this kind of molding is necessary to use servo valve for injection mold. I think for your product is better to select direct clamp system (hydraulic type). The accumulator for injection will reduce the pressure raising and helps the servo valve to control de molding. Also may be it is better to select machine with servomotor for the clamp and electric servomotor for the metering. Include also simultaneous operation: open during metering, and ejector during opening, and ejector backward during clamping, and compress injection molding. Using those features you can optimize the molding cable ties at maximum. You can also think to use machine electric type which can supply you for very good reliability and minimum cycle time. I suggest for you to evaluate about Plastic injection molding machines; they are produce both machines, hydraulic and electric type. These machines have a very good capability and can help you.
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