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Facial Tissue - Pulp Paper

Facial Tissue - Pulp Paper

Facial Tissue - Pulp Paper Facial Tissue - Pulp Paper
Facial tissue generally has a wet toughness (a kind of toughness index of paper under the status of complete wetting). The facial tissue paper is a very thin paper. Its appearance is usually very similar with the toilet paper, and toilet paper has a single four-sided, rolled into a cylindrical type. Among them, single quartet is often packaged in the carton or plastic with a hole exposed on the top which is easy to pick up a single leaf. This type of packaging and use method is similar to the most common paper, so that the two kinds of paper often cause confusion to the user.

The design purpose of the facial paper and toilet paper is just the opposite. Toilet paper is deliberately designed to become rot with water so as not to cause the toilet blockage. While the design purpose of facial tissue is used to wipe the face, hand. Because it will be exposed to sweat, the tissue is extremely flexible, fragmentation, not easy to pull off. If put the facial tissue into the toilet, it may cause water pipes blocked. Therefore, although the appearance and use of tissue and toilet paper is often very similar, the use (wipes place) and usage (whether it can be thrown into the toilet) is completely different. Facial tissue generally has a wet toughness (a toughness index of the paper under the condition of complete wetting).


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