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Cement silo house

Cement silo house

Cement silos, also known as bulk cement silos, cement silos, cement silos, are often used as ancillary products for concrete mixing plants (buildings) and dry mortar production lines.
Cement warehouse operating procedures
1, The most severe problem is the deform of the cement silo legs, once the deformation is difficult to support the entire silo, so manufacturers will be in the production of the legs to do a very solid, the user must be protected in use to avoid collisions of other objects leg;
2, As the cement silo has been exposed to the air, the surface is easy to be corroded and paint off phenomenon, so the user should do a good job of anticorrosive work, with a long time to carry out large painting work;
3, the screw conveyor in the transport of powder, the top of the silo prone to ash phenomenon, so the user must regularly check the silo top filter and filter regularly;
4, often overhaul Broken arch device, due to the cement silo in the storage of materials will be arch phenomenon, broken arch device is also very important, so regular maintenance;
5, often overhaul the top duster, silo top dust collector used to remove the dust in the cement silo, cement silo can help solve many problems, so often to the top of the silo dust collector repair;
6, often overhaul level meter, cement silo level meter used to accurately measure the position of the silo material, of course, the more sensitive material level gauge, can help users better understand the silo material situation, so the level To regular maintenance.
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