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Supply RTV silicon liquid rubber for molding

Supply RTV silicon liquid rubber for molding, YJS-520
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Supply RTV silicon liquid rubber for molding Supply RTV silicon liquid rubber for molding
1. Description
YJS-520 is with hardness Shore A 20. It is a kind of of two- component materials consisting of a flowable part A which when mixed with the curing agent or catalyst,cures at room temperature by a condensation recation. It is widely used for making molds for candle, soap, wax, plaster cornice, small crafts, cement/concrete decorative products etc.

2. Features
-Amazing fluidity and easy to operate
-Complex design available
-Not Oily
-Stable quality, non-toxic and odorless catalyst provided
-Easy de-molding
-Excellent tension and tear strength
-High performance in duplication
-Shrinkage is almost zero (below 0.2)
-Excellent resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid and aging-proofing.

Part A: Silicone rubber is a white liquid
Part B: Catalyst is a non-toxic and odorless liquid, white transparent color.
ATT: We can provide fast/medium/slow catalyst of for hot, warm or cold season.

When stored at or below 32°C (89.6°F) in the original unopened containers, YJS-520 series Silicone Base and its Curing Agents have a usable life of 10 months.

Silicone base:1kg/drum; 20kg/drum;25kg/drum;200kg/drum.
Curing Agent: 30g/bottle; 1kg/bottle
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  • China
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  • USD 4.95
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  • EXW Shenzhen
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  • 1kg/drum; 20kg/drum;25kg/drum;200kg/drum.
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  • L/C;D/A;T/T;Cash;D/P
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  • 3-5 days
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  • 200 PCS
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  • rtv silicon liquid rubber, rtv liquid silicone, liquid silicone for molding

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