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New bus ticket system one-card universal solution

New bus ticket system one-card universal solution, YKT011
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New bus ticket system one-card universal solution New bus ticket system one-card universal solution
One card universal system is a management software used for consumption management. It matches the card swiping machine for settling account. All consumption recors of the machine would be transmited to the platform system so that you could check all kinds of statements and reports through the software system.
Therefore, one card universal solutions are widely used in bus ticket card management system, canteen fare management system, tourism management system, amusement resorts charge management system etc. It helps merchants to improve the service efficiency and makes them easier to know about the total amount of revenue. What's more, It is more convenient for consumers to go out for consumption by using it. That's a win-win method for both sides.
If the consumers recharge for the smart cards, the money would get into your system immediately, which means you could get the capitals in advance for invest. While one card universal system not only support for smart cards, but also for QR code, bluetooth, NFC, or any other of the third part payment.
We could customize as you need.
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  • China
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  • Yonghao
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  • USD 280
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  • FOB Shenzhen
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  • 10sets/CTN
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  • T/T;Cash
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  • Western Union
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  • 20 days
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  • 50
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  • one-card solution, one card universal, bus ticket card system

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