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Single target DC magnetron sputtering coater

Single target DC magnetron sputtering coater, CY-MSP300S-DC
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Single target DC magnetron sputtering coater Single target DC magnetron sputtering coater
Single target DC magnetron sputtering coater is a cost-effective magnetron sputtering coating equipment independently developed by our company. It is standardized, modular and customizable.

This device can be used for preparing single-layer ferroelectric thin films, conductive films, alloy films, and the like. Compared with similar equipment, the single target magnetron sputtering coater is not only widely used, but also has the advantages of small size and easy operation, and is an ideal equipment for preparing material films in a laboratory.

1. The magnetron target head can be selected from 1 inch 2 inches 3 inches. Customers can choose the target according to the size of the substrate to be coated.
2. The device is equipped with 1500W high power DC power supply, which can be used for high energy metal sputter coating. Other specifications of DC or RF power supply can be selected to achieve coating operation of various materials.
3. The coating machine has a two-channel high precision mass flow meter. If customers have other requirements, the gas path of up to four-channel mass flow meter can be customized to meet the complex gas environment requirements.
4. The instrument is equipped with advanced turbo molecular pump group, and ultimate vacuum is up to 1.0E-5Pa, and other types of molecular pumps are available for purchase. Molecular pump gas path is controlled multiple solenoid valves, you can open the chamber to take out the sample without shutting down the pump, greatly improving your work efficiency.
5. This product can be equipped with an integrated industrial computer to control the system. In the computer program, most functions such as vacuum pump control and sputtering power control can be realized, which can further improve your experimental efficiency.
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