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Dongguan Pingshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Pingshang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in March 1999. After the development of high-tech electronic materials, Pingshang Technology Co., Ltd. timely researched and developed chip capacitor (MLCC), which meet the needs of the international high-tech electronics industry. Chip resistors, chip diode, transistor, chip capacitor (tantalum capacitor), etc. It is a service provider of large-scale electronic component distribution in the private, private, state-owned and foreign-invested electronic industries with self-support import and export rights based in mainland China.
With the rapid development of the market and the continuous expansion of the company’s business, the company closely cooperates with Taiwan and Hong Kong OEM distribution manufacturers to continuously improve the distribution technology and craftsmanship, making Pingshang Technology a powerful force in the precision ceramic electronic components industry in the world competitor. And quickly entered the United States, Western Europe and other international markets, and has been recognized by many famous companies, such as: Nokia, Sony, TCL, Asus, etc. In the past ten years, we have been adhering to the professional spirit of "perfect operation, service and honesty" to provide customers in China with operational, effective, and high-quality high-tech electronic component services.

Main products or services: smd capacitor, smd resistor, smd inductor, smd tantalum capacitor, smd diode and transistor

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  • China

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  • Dongguan Pingshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • China
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  • No. 14, Chuangye 1st Road, Helu Village, Baoshan Community, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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