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Water Soluble Polyester Resin

Water Soluble Polyester Resin, WSP-010
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Water Soluble Polyester Resin Water Soluble Polyester Resin
Textile Grade Water-Soluble Polyester Chip for Yarn Sizing
Water-soluble polyester chip is entirely water-based polyester resin with high stability and can be 100% dissolved in water without alcohol or other solvents.
Water-based polyester resin is mainly used as Sizing Chemical for Textile, because of the similar structure with terylene.
The sizing operation is the link between yarn making, weaving, and finishing in the textile industry. The process of applying protective adhesive coating on the surface of yarns is known as sizing. Sizing chemicals are mainly applied on warp yarns to improve their performance during the weaving process as warp yarns, which are subjected to abrasion with various loom components during weaving.

Non-toxic and odorless, fully replacing PVA, Acrylics, CMC & other binders
Excellent adhesion performance, no hairiness problem
Strong coating film and high weaving efficiency, no yarn breakage
Easy desizing process, only water needed
Eco-Friendly, no extra load for a water-treatment plant
Parameters Table
No. Property Standard Value Technical Data
1 Intrinsic Viscosity M0 ± 0.02 0.401 dl/g
2 Color Value L ≥45 49.23
B M1 ± 2 0.78
A -1.24
3 Solubility M2 ± 3 27.6 min
4 Moisture Content ≤1 0.78%
M0 is the central value for IV. It should be 0.41dl, when there is no special requirement.
M1 is the central value for color value. It should be 0, when there is no special requirement.
M2 is the central value for solubility. It should be 25, when there is no special requirement.
The solvent for IV test is 50% phenol and 50% tetrachloroethane under the temperature of 25℃.
Color value test is based on Hunter method.
All the above items are tested according to GB/T14190-93.
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  • China
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  • Decon
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  • USD 1.5/kg
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  • FOB Shanghai
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  • HDPE Plastic Bags – 25 kgs Bag packing Jumbo Bags – 1000 kgs Jumbo bags packing
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  • L/C;T/T
  • Delivery Time:
  • 7 days
  • Min Order Quantity:
  • 25kg
  • Standard / Certificates:
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, OEKO-100
  • Keywords:
  • warp yarn sizing and coating, replacement of pva and starch, filament yarn and staple fiber

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