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Baoji Weixiang titanium mmo titanium anode

Baoji Weixiang titanium mmo titanium anode, vx001
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Baoji Weixiang titanium mmo titanium anode Baoji Weixiang titanium mmo titanium anode
mmo titanium anode
titanium anode assembly use pure titanium material as substrate, has high anti-corrosion and high catalytic activity. MMO coated anode has long working life For the important, the substrate could be reused.

Substrate: pure titanium

coating: RuO2+X

Current density:≤1000 A/m²

Coating content≥10g/ m²

Coating thickness≥ 10μm

Oxygen evolution potential1.13 v

relative to calomel electrode

About product:
Invention and development of anode is a key technology breakthrough in the application of seawater electrolysis. One of the well-known application is to prevent Mussels and algae growing on the ship hull and on the water cooling system for the power plant.

It is variant that electrolyte temperature and salt density in this application. From light salt brine to salt density of 30g/L from the cold water in the North Atlantic ocean to warm water in the Indian Ocean. The anode we supply must be acid pickled to remove the oxide of the titanium substrate, the anode will be subjected to high speed electrolyte flow and reverse condition of electrode. The generating of sodium hypochlorite by seawater electrolysis is to kill marine organism and prevent algae growing on the ship hull and cooling water system for the power plant. For seawater electrolytic cell, the anode is Platinum Group Metals oxide coated while the cathode is plain titanium. In order to adapt to the different circumstances and conditions of electrolyte, we have developed anodes suitable for different working conditions to improve salt working efficiency and prolong anode life span.

Advantages of titanium anode assembly

1)Improving anode oxidizability by adding base metal Stannum
2)Low chlorine potential (≤1.13V), high sodium hypochloride efficiency
3)Stable chemical properties and high catalytic activity

Cooling water system use anode
Seawater purification

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