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Hydraulic Cylinders/Jacks for Storage Tank Lifting/Erection

Hydraulic Cylinders/Jacks for Storage Tank Lifting/Erection, LYT series
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LYT series

Hydraulic Cylinders/Jacks for Storage Tank Lifting/Erection Hydraulic Cylinders/Jacks for Storage Tank Lifting/Erection
LYT-type hoist is composed of one-stage double-acting hydraulic cylinder, pulley block, load-bearing chain and oil way etc.Moveable pulley is used to enlarge chain stroke, i.e. traveling distance of the cylinder is 1/2 of lifting distance of the chain.It applies to inverted installation and construction of various large storage tanks (steel) and various storage tanks.LYT-type chain-type hydraulic hoist includes the following models: LYT-120-2700, LYT-200-2700, and LYT-300-2700 etc. (those with special stroke need to be customized).
1. LYT-type hydraulic hoist is used to firstly lift the tank roof and the top (first layer) siding of the tank. It’s required to group weld tank siding when the lifting height of siding exceeds the second siding (the second layer from the top) by 30-50mm, and group weld the third layer (the third layer from the top to the bottom) of the tank after lifting again, lift successively, group weld the siding of the tank layer by layer, until the last layer of siding.2. LYT-type hydraulic hoist is used for lifting. When oil enters the hydraulic jack, the movable pulley is pushed upward by pressing the piston, thus driving the load-bearing chain to lift the expansion ring. In this way, the whole tank (including tank roof) is lifted up, until it reaches the pre-set height (there is a voidance of the next layer of plate).
1. Hydraulic lifting is stable, safe and reliable. Due to the adoption of unified hydraulic control and single or partial (several) adjustment, the whole lifting process is relatively stable. The hoist is provided with synchronizing valve and hydraulic lock to prevent sliding and falling of the tank or heavy loads, which are caused by power failure and fracture of oil tube. Hydraulic lifting is stable, safe and reliable.
2. Construction quality is ensured. As the hoist is provided with synchronizer and adjustable function, lifting height can becontrolled accurately. Due to above reasons, quality of the tank is ensured.
3. The equipment is easy to operate. Construction environment is good and work efficiency is high.
4. The equipment is well-adapted. As long as the number of hydraulic hoists is increased or decreased, the whole set of equipment can be applied to the inverted hydraulic lifting construction of large storage tanks with different volumes ranging from several thousand cubic meters to tens of thousands cubic meters.
5. The hydraulic pump station and the hydraulic hoist are placed in the tank for easy operation. Finally, a door-closing plate is reserved to move the equipment out of the storage tank, and the door-closing plate is group welded well.
6. The hydraulic pump station can be controlled singly or jointly, and has strong construction adaptability and excellent technical performance price ratio.
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  • Wincoo
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  • wooden box
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  • 10 days
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  • hydraulic jacking system, tank construction device, tank erection equipment

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