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Sagami Original 0.02 L-size 12's Pack

Sagami Original 0.02 L-size 12's Pack
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Sagami Original 0.02 L-size 12's Pack Sagami Original 0.02 L-size 12's Pack
Marker: Sagami Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd.
Features: 38mm diameter *;
116mm circumference;
58±2mm width
190mm length
20 microns thickness (measured with the standard of Sagami)

Made in Malaysia

This is Large size Sagami Original 0.02. The packing of this condom uses the blister pack, which is used for milk, butter products. Also, there are 10 reasons for you to use this product:

1) Ultra fine
Real ultimate thinness of 20 microns. (Measured with the standard of Sagami)

2) Ultra strong 3 times stronger in pressure test and 2 times stronger in tensile strength test when compared with latex condom.

3) Odorless
Unlike latex, Polyurethane is odorless

4) Better thermal conductivity
It transfers heat better than latex condom. Body heat can be transferred to your partner instantly, let you feel more natural.

5) Ultra smooth
Molecule of this material is precisely arranged, thus the surface is very smooth.

6) High transparency
It looks more natural due to high transparency.

7) Resistance to oil
It has strong resistance to both oil and water based lubricants, also it does not degrade easily.

8) Long life
It can be stored for 10 years, comparing to a 5 years life for latex condom.

9) Latex allergy free
The material Polyurethane is biocompatible with human and suitable for user with latex allergy.

10) Biocompatible with human Polyurethane is widely used in medical devices like artificial heart and blood vessel. This material has also been proven to be biocompatible with human.

Note: This item cannot be sold to Taiwan and Singapore, sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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