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  • The ShaXi Casual Wear Exhibition
    The China Casual Wear Exhibition has gathered 700 booths in an extensive 20000 square feet venue. Multi brands from various regions will be presented under the same roof, providing the ...

  • Bree Collection GmbH Procurement Meeting is an off-line sourcing service which Tradeeasy provides FREE to our Buyer Members. We make life easier for our Buyer Members by arranging for them to meet with pre-qualified sellers face to face. ...
  • Why Tradeeasy ?

    The fundamental

    Tradeeasy is an international trade enabler providing free on-line and off-line sourcing services to a world-wide community of over 350,000 buyers. With over 200 sales and customer service representatives visiting and pre-qualifying over 15,000 suppliers in China every month ...

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  • - on-line product showroom More than 350,000 Buyers from over 200 countries source for products and sellers here, with over 350,000 products (with photos) displayed ... details >
  • Being registered as Tradeeasy Member, we will assign a personalized "My Tradeeasy" platform to you. When you log in your "My Tradeeasy" platform with your email address and password, you are able to edit your company profile and contact details held at Tradeasy, your areas and/ or products of interest so as to receive our Trade Alert, and have 24/7 access to message centre ...

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