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Dec 01, 2015
Eaton Hotel, HK
All kinds of Garments, Garment Accessories, Fashion Accessories.
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03-06 December, 2015
Harrogate, United Kingdom
04-08 December, 2015
Birmingham, United Kingdom
06-09 January, 2016
Suntec, Singapore
What's The Buzz
Sourcing at MAGIC
Representing 20 sellers to showcase their newly launched novelties, TRADEeasy participated in the SOURCING at MAGIC in Las Vegas back in August, one of the biggest sourcing event Worldwide. 600 buyer enquiries with potential business lead were recorded.
Representing 30 sellers to showcase their newly launched novelties, TRADEeasy participated in the PURE Fashion Week in London, where fashion lovers meets. 500 buyer enquiries with potential business lead were recorded.
Hong Kong Fashion Week
That's a wrap for the Hong Kong Fashion Week! For the past few days, TRADEeasy participated in the Hong Kong Fashion week at the HKCEC. Local fashion trend updates, checked; Asian fashion next rising stars, checked.
Connecting People
Here in Tradeeasy, we connect buyers with quality manufacturers every day. Both our online platform and marketplace as well as face-to-face buyer-seller meeting link up people both in person and virtually helping them to find the right trading partner.
Someone You Can Trust
Our 20+ years' experience in the industry, along with over 500,000 buyer members and tens of thousands quality manufacturers, makes Tradeeasy not only a key player of international trade enabler but your trustable service provider!
Flexible Trade Solution
Our professional buyer service team, customer service team, together with production team provide range of customized online and offline solutions tailored to your needs.
Following Through
Either you are buyers or manufacturers, we listen, understand, and cater to your needs. Tradeeasy does not only connect, but to step further and follow through after each enquiries turning potential leads into real business.