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2012 Best Lost Weight Product Slimming Patch

2012 Best Lost Weight Product Slimming Patch , SLIMMING PATCH -1245S
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2012 Best Lost Weight Product Slimming Patch 2012 Best Lost Weight Product Slimming Patch
Hot Loss weight slim Patch

Disposable patches ,Helps removes fat belly
1.100% herbal patch
2.Use at night,Slim in the morning
3.NO Rebound,NO Side Effect
4.FDA,CE, ISO 9000,
5.Stick on Navel
6.Easy to Use
Extract works all day long inside your body- All herbal, no side effects and adopt modern TTS(Tran dermal therapeutic system)- The natural way to lose weight permanently and anti-cellulite- For optimal diffusion of the active ingredients, leave the patch on navel for one night-


Made of 100% natural ingredients,slimming patches slowly releases it's active components directly into your blood stream ,improving dramatically your blood circulation,enhancing your body metabolism to a 24hrs cycle burning fat also while you sleep,,accelerating the fat bum processes,blocking fat absorption to your body and reducing hunger during the day.The main active ingredients are:Ginseng,Rhubarb,Aloe Vera,Herbal Bitters,Gynostemma Pentaphyllum,extract of Cassia Seeds,Chinese Wolfberry,,Honeysuckle and Far-infrared Ceramic powder


actually see the waste fat and waste liquid absorbed by the patch--absorb 1.7~1.8g waste fat/liquid by one patch on arerage
lose weight up to 4kg in 1 treatment course (15 days constitute one treatment course)--lose weight while decreasing blood fat level
balanced slimming and health effects without body harm, side effects or pain
Clinical test results after 5 treatment courses:
Total effective rate:90%
Belly circumference decrease 2.1~3.9cm:53.3%
Belly circumference decrease >4cm:10%

Can be used by:

1. The obese and the crowd who want slim shape.
2. The crowd who suffer from subhealthy, endocrine dyscrasia, constipation, insomnia.
3. The crowd whose skin is gray and lack of luster,who are full of furrow or pocket.
The slim should be cautious to use it. If your weight loss 1 kg or more within 1 day,please reduce the application amount or use it tertianly.Babies,pregnant women and the women during menstrual period are forbidden.
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  • Hmf Slimming Patch
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