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Introduction We are dedicated to providing our customers with all-in-one solutions in the glass/bi-metal/digital thermometer industry.We focus on the original design of quality products that are easily customizable at the same time and guarantee their prompt delivery to our customers. Company profile Mingle Instrument a manufacturer of bi-metal,digital and glass tube thermometers which was established in 1987.Based in Hong Kong,it owns a factory in Shenzhen China. Our philosophy is that thermometers find applications in many areas.Having successfully designed and manufactured thermometers for household use, thermometers in the past years,we believe that the market for other applications of thermoneters is unlimited and we are ready for unchartered waters. We strive to keep abreast of technical knowledge.We keep our vision wide and our market sense acute in designing products that are unique and suitable for the global market.We always emphasize original design,high product quality and good customer service.Our belief is that customers'satisfaction is our success,because that satisfaction in turn inspires and energizes new development on our part. Factory Mingle Metal(Shenzhen)Co.Ltd.,a wholly owned subsidiary factory of Mingle Instrument Ltd.,was set up in 1991.Located in Shenzhen,it is just 35 minutes drive from the Shenzhen border. The factory employs 800 workers and boasts a monthly production of 1,000,000 pcs. Our manufacturing facilities are occupying 100,000 sq.ft.and are divided into two parts. One specializes in the manufacturing of metal castings, with individual departments for drilling,milling,lathing,polishing,spraying,silk-screening,etc.The other is responsible for the assembling of parts/components and the packaging of final products. In order to keep our products up to the highest standard,we subject incoming raw materials to internal IQC (incoming quality control) and our QA (quality assurance)team also plays an important role in achieving product quality. Research & Development We place great emphasis and investment on research and development.Our innovative designers and experienced engineers contiunously create unique products that mark Mingle off from other suppliers.Our engineers are also capable of designing special metal parts for our bi-metal products,and special function IC used in our digital products,so that these products are innovative both in design and function. Production Located in Shenzen(China),with 800 workers and equipped with the state-of-the art machinery.our factory specializes in manufacturing highly complex bi-metal and electronic products.Our assembly line and quality assurace departments are managed by experienced professionals to ensure product quality and production effciency. OEM If you have a specific design or a special requirement in addition to our standard models,OEM development is the choice for producing your own distinctive model. We are currently working with some renowned brand names mainly in USA on their latest designs.In many cases,we start OEM development from modifications to meet our customer's requirements.At the same thime,we use our technical know-how to propose the best way of producing a new product in terms of design,quality and cost-effectiveness. Past OEM projects that we pride ourselves on include instant read thermoneter,meat thermometer.oven thermometer, refrigerator/freezer thermometer,deep fry/candy thermometer,digital fork and digital meat thermometer and products with licensed characters.Special projects for niche markets,for example cigar,wine and car thermometer are under way.

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  • Manufacturer
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  • Hong Kong (China)

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  • Mingle Instrument Limited
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  • Hong Kong (China)
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  • 1/F, No 36-44 Pak Tin Par Street, Goodwill Industrial building, Tsuen Wan,N.T.Hong Kong.
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