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Launched in 1991, Lok Fung Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd . ("Lok Fung") in Dongguan is a large Sino-foreign joint venture, with its head office in Shilong, the first wown of China receiving status as a mass media experimental erea, with a branch in Hong Kong. Lok Fung features a beautiful environment, complete management and strong productivity. It covers an area of 14,000m and has a workforce of 240, 25% of whom have received colleage or higher education. With advanced equipment, strong professionalism and high technology, Lok Fung offers a wide range of services and provides a one-stop service for it's customers, from design to printing output.

In terms of hardware, Lok Fung's equipment is imported from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, including the brand-new HEIDELBERG CD102 computer four-color press, Roland four-color press, two-color press, gilding machine, die-cutter, oiling grinder, paper mounting machine and automatic box pasting machine. In terms of software, Lok Fung pays special attention to the fostering of managerial and technical forces and continuously improves service quality so that it always has the edge in service, quality, pricing and prestige.

Total service is the basis for a long-term reationship with customers. Tosatisfy different needs of Lok Fung's customers, we constantly enhance our service quality always considering the customers' point of view in the provision of our products of the best quality within the shortest possible period of time. In the meantime, we attach the greatest importance to confidentiality to ensure that customers' information is never divulged.

For guaranteeing printing quality, Lok Fung operates in strict compliance with the ISO9001 quality standard and has set up a complete quality assurance system. The company is adept at printing packing boxes, brochures and handbags. Among its major customers are KYOCERA Company of japan, WANSTON Electronic Group of Taiwan, HUNG TAT Group of Hong Kong, WAN JI Pharmaceutical Group, C-BONS Group and Gungzhou P & G,. Its products are found in all large and medium cities of the country and exported to other countries of regions, including the United States, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong, winning the unanimous avorable comments of new and old customers.

Lok Fung is known for its excellence in the supply of quality service and product due to its incorporation of a modern management system, competitive pricing, a reputation for customer service and detail. It's personnel are highly trained and skilled.

Lok Fung adopts the most stringent of world quality control ISO9001 with an emphasis for sales and after sales services, guaranteeing its services to its customers.

To address the requirements of customers, we are ready to provide the design and production plans of printed matter, including consultations on the best paper selection, the use of high-tech processes, the specimen making of printed matter, the testing of packing structure and cost calculation. Meanwhile, we also suggest the best renovation plan and design the most rational materials mix to ensure later-period production and product quality.

The printing workshop with central air conditioner is spacious and bright, which not only provides comfortable environment for work, but also effectively prevents the expansion and contraction of printed sheets and papers, advanced equipment, delicate printed sheets and special board shelf for printing are all placed in order, the workshops are very clean, spotless, the fully conscious workers with rich experiences endeavoured to work strictly according to the five "s" activities and ISO9001 procedural documents, which increased working efficiency and also powerfully guaranteed the quality of products.

Technicians usually rely on naked eyes for the control comparison of colors and conduct visual measurement of colors and make adjustment by virtue of their experience. This is time-consuming and often inaccurate. In order to minimize the chromatic aberration between printed matter and specimen pages during printing which often taxes the ingenuity of technicians.

Lok Fung introduced the highest world level computer equipment, which solved this problem effectively.

Lok Fung now has over 10,000m� of production buildings and a variety of printing equipment, such as the Heidelberg four-color machine of Germany, two-color machine and Roland four-color machine, which greatly improves and enhances work efficiency.

Lok Fung has first-rate up to date equipment, e.g. Gilding machine, die cutter, oiling grinder, paper-mounting machine and automatic box pasting machine. It is capable of using different manufacturing processes to better exhibit the features of products so that the whole packing is more beautiful. To meet the needs of different customers, the company continuously improves its service quality to provide customers with best service in timely fashion and an efficient manner. In respect of technology renewal, we introduce the latest international technology through Lok Fung's Hong Kong branch and have established the reward mechanism to give a full scope to the ability and wisdom of the employees so as to make incessant innovations and serve customers better. "Better, newer and finer" are what we pursue forever.

Our policies for quality are the quality first, supreme prestige, customer satisfaction, constant improvement, the personnel of the nuofeng carefully carried out quality policy and regarded the quality as the life of the enterprise, and worked strictly according to the procedural stipulations of ISO9001, every process was controlled and monitored to letters, firstly, from the production of films to their output, the sophisticated density instruments were used to rapidly and accurately tested the net points and density so that the work before printing was guaranteed, during the printing, except for using density instruments to inspect the rate points, density, the ratio of overlap printing and the printing contrast, our international professional quality controller inspected at all time on the quality of printing sheet, in all processes after printing, the quality was strictly inspected completely by professional quality inspectors according to the standard of quality control of the company and national standard GB2827-87, at the end, we delivered the superb products to clients and really made our clients satisfied.

Talents constitute the foundation of an enterprise. The maximum exploitation of human resources can motivate a powerful productivity, making it possible to provide high-quality service and products for customers. To give a better play to the initiative and participation of each and every employee, we start from details and, in active combination with the cultivation of corporate culture, enable our employees to work in a relaxed and pleasant environment to this end. We have achieved wonderful results and have acquired the world class ISO9001 certification.

Product quality has to do with the survival of an enterprise. By continuously widening our business channels and always keeping our leadership in technology and equipment, we are able to serve our customers better and attract more customers. So far, the number of our long-term partners has grown to 85. Our product categories include product packing, top-grade gifts boxes, gift bags and advertising giveaways. In addition to the common processes, we have used some special processes for part of the products.

Looking always to the future, Lok Fung will keep on forging ahead and breaking new ground in a bid to provide our customers with the highest-quality printing products in the hope of contribution our bit to China's printing industry.

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