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Group Prospect Company Ltd.

"Group Prospect" starts the business in year of Ox of 1997, we are having good experienced people and most of us are working in the field of textile in market of China for over 20-25 years.

Headquarter is setting up in HongKong as it is part of China. Offices in China:

Sales Offices:

  • Beijing
  • Foshan of Guangdong Province
  • Wuhan of Hubei Province

  • Technical Service Offices:
  • Foshan of Guangdong Province
  • Wuhan of Hubei Province

    We provide Consultant Service for:
  • Open End Spinning and Ring Spinning
  • Weaving and Weaving Preparation
  • Denim Production line
  • Dyeing and Finishing Production
  • Silk production from cocoon

    We offer:
    Textile machineries for Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Weaving preparation ,Dyeing & Finishing, Laboratory Equipments, Accessories & "Original" spare parts for machines.

    Agent for China
    We are representing the following manufacturers for the machines in market of China :
    1) Prashant West Point Joint-venture with West Point of USA for Weaving Preparation machines: Sizing machines for staple fibre, Direct Warping Machines, Ball Warper and Long Chain Beamer for Rope Dye Denim, Poly Beamer with Unrolling Creel for Industrial Fabrics, and Corduroy Cutter.
    2) Prashant Gamatex Joint-venture with Gamatex of Italy for Full Automation Sectional Warper, Sectional Warper for Towel, Warping creel with high tech centrally control ledTensioners and Individually controlled Tensioners, and Sample Warper.
    3) HAS Dis Ticaret Ltd. STi ( Lafer-Tuck) of Turkey for dry finishing machines of Raising, Shearing, Sueding, Flet Compactor and Tumbler...
    4) Sohler-Neuenhauser GmbH & Co. KG of Germany for the Cleaning system for both Spinning and Weaving, Automatic transportation system, Batching Winder for weaving loom and Automation for Packages.
    5) Werner Mathis AG of Switzerland for Laboratory equipment of Dyeing and Finishing.
    6) Oskar Fischer GmbH and  Knotex Machinenbau GmbH of Germany for Warp Knotting Machines and Drawing-in machines.
    7) Amsler Tex AG of Switzerland for system of Cone-yarns, Slub-yarns and fancy yarns.
    8) Graf + Cie AG of Switzerland for Card Clothing and Metallic Card, Wire mounting Machines, Card Grinding Machines, Flexible Card Clothing.
    9) Kinyosha Co., Ltd. of Japan for Rubber Blanket of Shrinkage Range, Rubber Rollers for textile machines and Elaglass Rollers for Calender.
    10) Zanfrini s.r.l of Italy for Weaving Reed, Profile Reed and High Density Reed for bolting cloth and Industrial Fabric.
    11) Norsel AG of Switzerland for Barcode Labeling System.
    12) Protechna Herbst GmbH & Co KG of Germany for thread break control systems with laser barrier technology, digital thread counter, high precision thread controlling device as well as automatic surveillance for Warp Knitting, Weaving , beaming, sizing draw warping and similar machines.
    13) Essential spare parts for Open End and Ring Spinning machines from Germany. 
    14) Essential spare parts for Warping and Sizing machines.

    Agent for HongKong
    We are representing the following manufacturers for the machines for HongKong:

    1) IRO AB of Sweden for the Weft Accumulator.
    2) Werner Mathis AG of Switzerland for Laboratory equipments.
    3)Oskar Fischer GmbH and Knotex Machinenbau GmbH of Germany for Warp Knotting Machines and Drawing-in Machines.

    - Technical service for sizing and warping machines
    - Grinding and mounting services for metallic card clothing.

    Used machines business
    We offer to the market of China with full range of Used Machines available in the second hand market which starting from Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing & Finishing....


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    • Hong Kong (China)

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    • Group Prospect Company Ltd.
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    • Hong Kong (China)
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    • Unit 2311, 23/fl., BEA Tower, Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, 999077 Hong Kong
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