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Jiangsu Lianyungang Fenqiang Trading Co., Ltd
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LIANYUNGANG FENQIANG TRADING CO., LTD, located in LIANYUNGANG city, which is a beautiful seaside city, famous as the east new Asian-European bridgehead in Jiangsu Province.One of the countries of Lianyungang is Donghai County ,which is well-known as “the town of crystal” and rich in natural resources,especially, the crystal and quartz products , the quality comes first in our country.

Our company deals with quartz and quartz glass products, quartz heater, crystal handicraft, accessories, chemical products, illumination lamps and lanterns,depends on local quartz resources. We have the specialized foreign trade sales team and had established a long-term stability business relations with the domestic and foreign customers, the business scope is spread European, USA, Asian, African and more than 40 countries and the area.

Our company insisted in credit as principle and treats it as the main enterprise.Therefore,our customers in domestic and foreign countries are much trust us as soon as we begin to work together. The good oral traditions are our greatest intangible asset.

Today,our company is turning toward to a higher goal. Welcome you and us to work together hand in hand, you choose us equal to choose a loyal friend, and a reliable partner.

China Manufacturer/Factory. Wholesale quartz glass, quartz tube, quartz plate, glass tube, uv quartz tube, tubing, glass rod, quartz rod, quartz sand, quartz powder, fused silica quartz, clear quartz crystal, quartz crystals, quartz apparatus, crafts, gifts, laboratory glassware, lighting, lights and more.

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  • Exporter
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  • China

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  • Jiangsu Lianyungang Fenqiang Trading Co., Ltd
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  • China
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  • Room 309, Silver City International Hotel Plaza, Tongguan Road, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, China

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