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Green Bags & Textile Company Limited

Green Bags & Textile Co. Ltd is established to provide customers with good quality products, great services at reasonable price, and punctual deliveries. Our sales team in Hong Kong is well experienced in the bag industry. We have a very solid background in bag construction, knowledge of different materials, and are skillful in understanding renderings to execute your design development. We offer both OEM and ODM products, and we source quality materials from China, Taiwan, and Korea.

Our factory is located in Dongguan, China with over 1500 workers. We have an integrated production line with in house printing & welding. We employ a strict in house quality control system and pay great attention to details, every step of the way.

At Green, we are here to serve customer our very best. Please contact us for any quotation and projects.

For further information, please visit our website or contact us at

Company Profile

  • Business Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Country:
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Employee Count:
  • 1600
  • OEM:
  • YES
  • ODM:
  • YES
  • Existing Markets:
  • Europe, USA, Japan
  • Factory Location:
  • Dong Guan
  • OPA:
  • NO
  • Production Leadtime:
  • 50-60 days
  • Offshore C/O:
  • NO
  • CMT:
  • NO
  • Monthly Productivity:
  • 600,000 pcs
  • VAT:
  • NO

Contact Information

  • Company Name:
  • Green Bags & Textile Company Limited
  • Country:
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Address:
  • No. 62 Victoria Road, 18/F Unit A, Yiuga Factory Bldg., Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.
  • Website:

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