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Ningbo Skysea Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Skysea is a professional manufacturer of residential heat pump, medium/big size air/water cooled chiller, medium/big size heat pump and heat pumps for special uses. Skysea has spent over 10 years in research and development of refrigeration equipment. By its unique technology and reliable quality, the residential heat pump has successfully entered into US high end market. The medium/big size modular chiller and heat pump has also been acknowledged by users inside China with the advantage of high efficiency, easy stallation and intelligent control system. Till today, Skysea has owned two manufacturing plants and four state level laboratories.

Company History:
1998 till now: Zhenhai Tiane Refrigeration Electric Institute. Main business range: seafood pond heater, exportation and importation of refrigeration equipment parts.
2003 till now: Ningbo Skysea Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Main business range: residential ground source heat pump, residential air source heat pump, heat pump water heater, mobile cooler for outdoor activities; main market: Europe and US market.
2008 till now: Loitech (Ningbo) Heating Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture cooperated with Astral pool in Spain. Main business ranges: swimming pool heat pumps and swimming pool dehumidifier.
2009 till now: Longyou Skysea Refrigeration&Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Main business range: big size modular water cooled water chiller, air cooled water chiller, air source heat pump, grain dryer, marine air conditioner, air handling unit, mobile cooler for outdoor activities.

Company Profile

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  • Manufacturer
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  • China

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  • Company Name:
  • Ningbo Skysea Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Country:
  • China
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  • No. 568 Shizhu Road, Linyu Industrial Zone, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
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