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Henan Xinkeyuan Oil Equipment Co., Ltd
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Henan Xinkeyuan Oil Equipment Company is an enterprise that comes from Henan Oil Corporation of Sinopec Group. It specialized in the development, production, and sale of the automation instruments used in oil depots, filling stations, and refining & chemical area. It's a high-tech company that includes technique, industry, and trade.
It has 15 years' experience in petroleum & chemical automation engineering. Its main products includes centralized quantitative oil device, distributed quantitative oil device, large PLC quantitative oil device, and measurement standard device of tank car, filling station ground tank. Its products are mainly used for oil distribution, allocation of raw materials, ethanol gasoline blending, and tank volume calibration in oil deports and chemical area.
Thus, if you have interest in our products, let us know it, please. We are always looking forward to our cooperation.

Company Profile

  • Business Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Country:
  • China
  • Employee Count:
  • 45
  • Established Year:
  • 1995
  • Yearly Sales Volume:
  • US$1M - US$5M

Contact Information

  • Company Name:
  • Henan Xinkeyuan Oil Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Country:
  • China
  • Address:
  • 38th, Weisheng Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
  • Website:
  • Contact Person:
  • Ms. Julia (International Trade Specialist)

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