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Tengzhou Shengrong Rotary Joint Co., Ltd
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Tengzhou Shengrong Rotary Joint Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development of tpipleline and pipe fittings supporting professional company. The main products are Rotary Joints, Metal Hose, Cable Hose, Compensator, Quick Connector, Siphon, Depending on the converter, Sealing Stacked Rings and other ancillary products. Now we pushed out Drilling-Milling Machine series and Plain Vice series. For years, our products quality and service levels are in leading position in the same industry. We enjoy a good reputation in the domestic and foreign clients.
In order to provide the best solution for the user application, our engineering department obtains the information from marketing department basing on extensive research, uses the drawing software of CAD to support the design to develop the rotary joint and siphon as much as possible. Our company uses network management and combines with international advanced technology, hiring the rotary seal authority in domestic and international as the technical consultant all year round. Shengrongs solid work and positive efforts, not only solve the problem of "evaporate, emit, leak, Drip " for users ,but also save the energy, reduce maintenance times and the loss caused by frequent downtime. Shengrong has gained high prize from our customers.

"A handy tool makes a handy man", since Shengrong's inception, we have configured the superior device configuration on the precise location, and tried our best to make the equipment to be perfect. Shengrong executed ISO 9001: 2000 international quality management system strictly. From the components to the finished products, they were all have been controlled and inspected strictly. The company earnestly fulfills the service commitment, making our customers enjoy the sincerely and first-class forthe guarantee of after-sale services. Our products are used widely in the steel, paper, plastic, rubber, oil, chemicals, construction materials, textile printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, dry, packaging, glass, tobacco, food, medical, etc.

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