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May Ngai Gloves Factory Ltd.
May Ngai Gloves Factory Ltd. Preview Staging

May Ngai Gloves Factory Limited was established in 1971. The primary product that was made was mainly gloves in the beginning. During the late 1980s, we started to produce other items such as hats and scarves to satisfy our buyers' demands. Nowadays, our products consist of a wide range of fashion accessories. We can also make cushions and indoor foot warmers.

Our own factory is located in Shenzhen, China. The convenient location makes it more effective for us in collecting samples, delivering products as well as communicating with our buyers. With our strong QC team, we are able to maintain and keep quality control, reasonable price, on time delivery and good service. As we are also a member of SEDEX, our buyers are satisfied with our good quality products. We have been supplying accessories to high street stores for years. We welcome buyers around the world. We are always trying our best to satisfy your needs.

For further information, please visit our website at or contact us by e-mail at

Company Profile

  • Business Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Country:
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Employee Count:
  • 130
  • Principal Customers:
  • OEM:
  • YES
  • ODM:
  • NO
  • Existing Markets:
  • Europe, USA, Austrialia, Brazil
  • Factory Location:
  • Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
  • Factory Audited By:
  • OPA:
  • NO
  • Production Leadtime:
  • 45-60 days
  • Offshore C/O:
  • NO
  • CMT:
  • YES
  • Monthly Productivity:
  • 100,000 pcs
  • VAT:
  • NO
  • Strengths:
    1. Competitive price
    2. Good quality
    3. On time shipment
    4. Various range

Contact Information

  • Company Name:
  • May Ngai Gloves Factory Ltd.
  • Country:
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Address:
  • 7/F, Lee On Industrial Building, 70 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Website:
  • Contact Person:
  • Mr. Jeff Chan / Ms. Winnie Chan (Director)

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