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Foshan Lovateam Luggage And Bag Co., LTD is a Industry and Trade integration company specialize in research, design, produce and trade. Both attention create a workshop in hand of individuation and diversification, also batch, large-scale, modern assembly lines. It has been processed and exported of customized production for the world famous brand OEM for 12 years, The products are exported to overseas markets.

All the designers in Lovateam are well-known in China or from the United States, France, Italy, Germany, South Korea and other countries. Their design concept are high-end, fashion and health, to the forefront of Ideological and aesthetic creation, with countenances interpretation of fashion, technology manufacturing quality, elegant yet stylish, simple and no reduction of material, all products are in line with the human body morphology and industrial design, smooth lines, elegant layout structure, safe and reliable material products by business people and young gens love and trust.

Business scope: luggage, travel suitcases, boarding bag, fashion bags, handbags, backpack, computer bag, cosmetic bag and so on.

The use of Lovateam's luggage covers travel, business, leisure and children, whether long or short distance travel can be found in the product of Lovateam luggage. Lovateam luggage products series: PC aluminum frame suitcase series for elegant business; PP material travel case series, with bright color, material to win; business briefcase series in a dark based, fashion leisure package series for a variety of compartment of the tourism package, made of fiber and without the burden of weight; children's bags series are launched tourism small backpack with lovely shape.

Over the years, Lovateam luggages with the continuous innovation and development to developed a variety of high quality, multi functions and in line with ergonomic design of the products. Lovateam's products through rigorously tested pre-IPO, just as tumbling, falling and pressure tests, to ensure the quality of the wheels, handles, zipper and lock.

The company has accumulated and precipitated the core of enterprise culture with harmony, integrity and innovation. Through unity and cooperation, smooth management, efficient operation to harmonious development; by being honest and trustworthy, serious and pragmatic, abide by its commitment to integrity management; Through the establishment of innovative mechanisms, to encourage the spirit of innovation, so that enterprises with core competitiveness.

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