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Kinstar Textile Company, We are well known high end functional fabric company in Hong Kong, and was established in 1998. Having been in the textile industry for almost twenty years, we have a strong working team and available stock fabrics in China and Hong Kong. We can especially shorten the period of production and speed up clients lead time, in which most of other competitors cannot.

Our fabrics are mostly made in China and Taiwan, we can either provide high quality fabric and also medium quality with relatively lower price and faster production period. Therefore we strive to provide our clients with more choice and different service by enhancing the speed of production and communication in between. As well as the quality control with from our branch offices and sourcing teams in Guangdong and other provinces in China and Taiwan. We have built our sales market all over the world. Our clients always appreciate to our service and custom made fabric type. We divers to different functional etc. 3M Dry-Fit, DuPont Coolmax, DuPont Teflon,Anti-UV, Anti Bacteria, Recycle fabric and Breathable Fabric (same function as Gore-Tex). Our fabric are always been the first choice for our customers or new buyers.

As we are well cooperate with our high end clients all over Europe and USA. We are capable in dealing with different certificates such as Oeko-Tex standard, REACH and others. We also build up a well-established internet between our own knitting factory and numerous cooperate dyeing factory in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. We generate relatively flexible minimum production amount with helps clients which much easy to make decisions that helps our customer to lower the first investing amount. Furthermore as we have also build up our own stock markets with variety fabric types in functional sports fabric and out-door fabric such water proof, wind proof, breathable film same function as Gore-tex. We are sure that we capable of providing you faster production period, fast searching engine in different fabric and provide you stock fabric quality that others competitor cannot. Flexible price in high end and medium quality are respected to all customers need.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kims Chan at:
Whatsapp: +85294326565,
Working QQ number: 179768305, to get in touch with us. We are glad to advise you with our professional suggestions with fitting price and quality. And we are free of charges to sending you with our numerous stock sample for purchasing available stock fabric quality, so as to speed up your most update ideas to the whole new changing market.

Company Profile

  • Business Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Country:
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Employee Count:
  • Average 100
  • Principal Customers:
  • Adidas, New Balance
  • OEM:
  • YES
  • ODM:
  • YES
  • Existing Markets:
  • Worldwide, Mainly EU, USA, Hong Kong, China
  • Factory Location:
  • Jiangsu Province & Zhejiang Province, China
  • OPA:
  • NO
  • Production Leadtime:
  • 30-45 days
  • Offshore C/O:
  • NO
  • CMT:
  • NO
  • VAT:
  • 17%
  • Certificates:
  • Reach, Oeko-tex
  • Strengths:
    1. Have almost 20 years experiences in textile industry with good reputation
    2. Have stock fabrics in China and Hong Kong toshorten the period of production and speed up clients lead time
    3. Got licenses from 3M, DuPont, and divers to different functional
    4. Such as 3M Dry-Fit, DuPont Coolmax, DuPont Teflon, Anti-UV, Anti Bacteria, Recycle fabric and Breathable Fabric (same function as Gore-Tex)
    5. Able to provide technical support & advise, provide one-stop service to customers

Contact Information

  • Company Name:
  • Kinstar Textile Company
  • Country:
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Address:
  • G/F, No. 125 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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