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Shenzhen Hongying Bicycle Accessories Co., Ltd. is located in the prosperous Shenzhen and was established in 2010. The company's main line of bicycle brake cable, electric vehicle brake cable, motorcycle brake cable, gear cable, medical beds and wheelchairs and other medical equipment control cable, baby carriages and other control cable, office furniture adjustment cable, valve control cable, and lighting sling cable and other wire rope products company. The company introduces advanced equipment and talents from all sides and is committed to providing all kinds of mid-to-high-end bicycle parts that are both inside and outside from the shapes, colors, and processes. Our company has been producing and researching steel wire rope products for more than 8 years, and founder industry experience has been more than 30 years.
The almost fully automated production model brings more standardized products and more efficient production capabilities. The company has an average annual output of 5 million sets. Products sold by the United States, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and across the country. Product specifications can be customized according to customer needs, or we can design for our customers. The wire rope material specifications used to produce products are mainly stainless steel wire ropes and galvanized steel wire ropes. With high-quality products, tacit cooperation and reasonable prices, has a group of superior customer strength.
My company has a group of professional and technical personnel and management personnel. They have been engaged in product design and R&D for a long time. They have rich practical experience, professional support, work coordination, and a large amount of accumulated technical information, providing further technical resources and guarantees for the development and research of new products. In terms of management, with quality management as the center, a large number of practices in the areas of technology, finance, production, equipment, outsourcing and outsourcing have also created a group of specialized personnel.
With the help of our technical staff, brainstorming, improving, advancing with the times, the company will always take excellent quality products, the most reasonable product prices, the best after-sales service, and meet the new challenges with confidence, and make the development of China's bicycle industry. Contribution!
Certificates: Our company was certified by ISO9001. Our products are in line with ROSH certification, CE certification and SGS testing and certification. Product raw materials are in line with food grade standards. In addition to domestic accidents, our products are mainly exported to Europe and North America, such as Russia, the Netherlands, and the United States. The product will go through a 2 round inspection process to ensure that there are no defective products before shipment.
Our company provides OEM and ODM services.

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  • Shenzhen Hongying Bicycle Accessories Co., Ltd.
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  • Jietang Community, Guanlan Sub-district, Longhua District.
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