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Vietnam Technical Textile co., Ltd is the third member of the leading company in non-woven fabric in Vietnam in terms of production scale and quality. Our products include: Spunlace nonwoven fabric; geotextile; Spunbond (S) and Double spunbond (SS) nonwovens; Non-woven bag made of Spunbond nonwoven fabric.

Possessing modern machinery imported from reputable partners of Europe, Taiwan, Japan; virgin raw materials are imported from major and reputable suppliers in the world; Human resources and management systems that meet ISO 9001 standards are key factors for us to produce high quality non-woven fabrics that are environmentally friendly. Our products are safe for people, meeting the fire retardant standards and environmental protection standards as customer’s requirement for nonwoven fabric.

With many years of experience in the field of non-woven fabric production, we have a team of technicians and experienced sales staff who understand the customer and meet the stringent requirements of customers. We have been supplying many countries in the world such as Japan, EU, South Korea, South America, Asian markets.

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  • Manufacturer
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  • Vietnam

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  • Vietnam technical textile co.,Ltd
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  • Vietnam
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  • Lot 8, Dien Nam- Dien Ngoc Industrial Park, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province, Vietnam
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  • Ms. Nicolas Nguyen

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