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  • Air Purifier ( Plasma Ionizer ), AP-842

    Air Purifier - Model AP-842, is a new developed Plasma Ionizer, effectively generate numerous positive and negative ions to purify and sterilize air ...

  • Nebulizer ( Portable Air Humidifier ), AH-885

    Mini Air humidifier which can carry anyway for immediate skin humidification and with built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery can act as immediate ...

  • Hand Warmer, MC-891

    Elegant Sea Shell design with built-in mirror and 3600mAh Lithium polymer battery enable fast heating effect and act as immediate power bank. ...

  • Wooden Aroma Diffuser, AH-884

    Wooden A SACK design of ultrasonic diffusing features enable the essential oils beneficial to human body absorption. It may also serve as air ...

  • Air Purifier, AP-41

    The Air Ionizer emits electrically charged particles called negative ions - a natural ingredient of fresh air. These will replace the negative ions ...

  • Air Purifier ( Air Processor Standard ), AP-140

    Air Purifier - Model AP-140, with a combination of 3- Stage Electrostatic Filter and Patented Carbon Filament, effectively clean the air in ...

  • Air Purifier ( Air Processor Standard ), AP-150

    Air Purifier - Model AP-150, with a combination of - HEPA - CARBON Filtering System and Patented Carbon Filament, effectively clean the air within ...

  • Air Scenter, AS-701

    Air Scenter - Model AS- 701, with built in light bulb to generate gentle heat. Fragrance placed at the bottom is activated by the heat. The light ...

  • Aroma Vaporiser, AS-21

    Aroma Vaporiser - Model AS- 21, with built in ceramic heating element to release natural vapours for easy breathing. Specially formulated blend of ...

  • Air Purifier ( Air Processor Turbo), AP-160

    Air Purifier - Model AP-160, with a Multi-Filtering System - a combination of (1) HEPA - CARBON and Electrostatic Aluminium Filter, plus a Patented ...

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Pacific Ultraweb Industries Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of Electronic Insect Killer in Hong Kong since 1976.Our main product lines also include Electronic Money Detector, Electric Mosquito Eliminator, Ultrasonic Pest/ Mosquito Repeller, Air Freshener, Air Ioniser, Humidifier and Lantern.

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  • Manufacturer
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  • Hong Kong (China)

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